Litter C

Never Never Land U Revenge              &                  Tending Courage 

IMG 2508  IMG 0780


We are so excited about our Nox last litter. We have chosen Tending Courage for its huge drive and will to please, but also extreme stable and good nerves.

On the 9.3.19, Nox gave birth to 6 pups after a difficult birth ( thanks Dr Theubet for an effecient C section in the middle of the night!) , and we have ( again) 4 males and 2 females! :)



  Welshriverdee Amore mio

IMG 0633 001

Owned by..myself:)

  Welshriverdee Abracadabra

IMG 0618

Owned by  Ivan Vazquez ( Spain)


Welshriverdee Adrenaline IMG 0609

Owned by Christian Asirelli, Italy

Welshriverdee Adventure

IMG 0604

Owned by Celine Rampelberg, Belgium


  Welshriverdee A Tending Way

IMG 0589

Owned by Elina Niemi, Finland


 Welshriverdee A Perfect Meissa

thumb IMG 0585

Owned by Dana Valesova, Czech Republic


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