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Nox gave birth to 6 wonderful black/ white pups ( 4 boys and  2 girls). I could not be happier with those pups..all are really special and exactly what i was expecting  from this combination.


  Welshriverdee Not For Sale

not for sale

Owned by Yael Hazan, Israel

  Welshriverdee Thats my Boy

thats my boy

Owned by Dani Diaz, Spain

Welshriverdee Marvelous Matejmarvelous matej

Owned by Galina Fedorova, Russia

 Welshriverdee Wildest Performance

wildest performance

Owned by Carmen Briceno, Spain

  Welshriverdee Power Flix

power flix

Owned by Tarja Melakari, Finland.

(Our Flix died of liver cancer in Jan.2019)

   Welshriverdee You go Girl

you go girl

Owned by Mikko Aaltonen, Finland


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